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Sofiderm Deep (1x2ml)

For deep wrinkles


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  • Sofiderm Deep is used for filling or shaping of face or nose, plumping the lips, forehead and chin.

    It can be used to improve the poor nasal shape, low nose, saddle nose and nasal tip. 

    Injected into the deep dermis.

    • HA Content: 20mg/ml
    • Particle Size: 0.28-0.50(mm)
    • Needle(BD): 2 pieces/package
    • Needle Size: 26G/27G BD needles

    Approved by American FDA and European EDQM

    Uses multiterm cross-linked technology to ensure strong stability of Sofiderm gel

    No risk of bacterial infection and viral diseases as produced by biotechnology

    No risk of allergy reaction

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